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做有關body language project的時候發現一些不同國家/文化的動作,手勢的獨特意思, 有幾多你是認識的?

Travel etiquette 101: body language
Robert Reid
Lonely Planet Author

1. In Asia, never touch any part of someone else’s body with your foot, which is considered the ‘lowest’ part of the body. If you accidentally do this, apologize by touching your hand to the person’s arm and then touching your own head. Don’t point at objects or people with your feet, don’t prop your feet on chairs or tables while sitting. – From the Lonely Planet Thailand travel guide (and other Asia guidebooks)
2. Also in Asia, refrain from touching people on the head or ruffling their hair. The head is spiritually the ‘highest’ part of the body. Don’t sit on pillows meant as headrests, as it is a variant on this taboo. – From the Lonely planet China travel guide
3. Shaking hands was introduced to Fiji in the 19th century by way of Tonga, and quickly became the established custom. An affectionate handshake can be very long, and may even last throughout an entire conversation. – From the Lonely Planet South Pacific Phrasebook
4. In Nepal, it’s bad manners to step over someone’s outstretched legs, so avoid doing that, and move your own legs when someone wants to pass. Also do not step over or sit on a monk’s cushions in or near a temple, even if no one is sitting on them.  Always walk around stupas and chortens (Tibetan-style stupas) in a clockwise direction. – From the Lonely Planet Nepal travel guide
5. In Japanese baths, called onsen, always wash first before entering the water. The water is considered fouled if someone does not do this, kind of like the American equivalent of peeing in a pool. Also, use a wash cloth to cover your private bits and pieces.  – From the Lonely Planet Japan travel guide. (Also see: Top 10 hot springs in Japan)
6. The people of Italy are emotionally demonstrative, so expect to see lots of cheek kissing among acquaintances, embraces between men who are good friends and lingering handshakes. Italian men may walk arm-in-arm, as may women. Pushing and shoving in busy places is not considered rude, so don’t be offended by it. Try to hold your ground. The Italian body language vocabulary is is quite extensive, but the following six may prove useful when traveling:
Italian Body Language
Six examples of Italian body language with their matching translations
7. Shaking hands across a threshold is considered unlucky in Russia. An interesting feature of this is that some pizza delivery guys refuse to conduct a transaction across a threshold; you either have to go out to the hall or invite them just inside the door. – From the Lonely Planet Russia travel guide
    8. In India it is possible to pay a tremendous compliment with body language alone. When somebody approaches a person with their tongue between their teeth and gathers the air around the person’s head with their hands to draw it into their own personal space, it means they find the person either unbearably beautiful or extraordinarily intelligent. – From Lonely Planet’s Indian English Language & Culture
    9. Don’t stick your index finger and middle finger up with the palm of your hand facing towards you in the UK… it’s the equivalent of giving someone the finger. Tip: Don’t order two beers in this fashion in UK bars. Doing it palm facing out is OK (i.e., the peace sign) – From a Lonely Planet staffer in the UK
    10. Moroccan greetings can last up to 10 minutes. Shake with your right hand then touch your hand to your heart, to indicate that you’re taking the meeting to heart. Good friends may tack on up to four air kisses, accompanied by a stream of well wishes: ‘How are you? Everything’s good with you? I hope your parents are well? Baraka(blessings) upon them!’ – From Alison Bing, Lonely Planet Morocco author
    Know of other body language dos and don’ts around the world? Mime them for us in the comments below.
    [Image from the Lonely Planet Italian Phrasebook, copyright 2011]

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    John Frieda 泡沫染髮

    之前聽到日本出了一隻泡沫染髮,朋友們一致認為效果和作用都不大. 自己就未試過,不敢評論
    但洗護髮品牌John Frieda 幾個月前推出了他第一隻的染髮產品正正就是泡沫的. 親身試過後感覺良好,推薦!

    Domino's Pizza

    上星期開了一間pizza連鎖店Domino's,新開張期間任何pizza任何size都是6.99。人龍排到店外,其中有2個原因:1) 真的是一個大優惠,任何size都是同一價錢,當然選最大的12吋,正價要16.99的。2) 難得在小鎮上有知明連鎖店進註。不難發現英國城市很多餐廳/外賣都有拆扣,但光顧的人都不會太誇張。相反在小鎮上,連鎖店不多,只要有一進註,人龍即現。這就是小城鎮的威力吧。


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    London airport 倫敦的機場

    英國有'N'多個機場,差不多每個城市都有屬於它的機場。接駁都非常方便,當地巴士,coach(national express/megabus),train etc. 不過要另人關註的應該是倫敦的機場吧! 這篇blog會集中交通上。

    倫敦有5個機場: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, City and Stansted.
    Heathrow, 全英國最大,最繁忙,同時最多人討厭的機場。因為大部分的國際航線都集中於這機場,想像到的是,非歐盟人士入境的排隊的長度和旅客入境時被'審問'的情況。個人只在Heatrow過境入次,幸好只排到半小時,入境人員都沒有什麼惡言相向之類。
    交通: Paddington tube/ train station 有火車來回機場的,有兩種班次: Heathrow Express/ Heathrow Connect. Heathrow Express: £16.50單程,£32.00來回。每15分鐘一班,只需15分鐘直到Terminal 1-4,21分鐘到T5(British Airway Only),中間不停站。之前的文章提過的Railcard有34% off,國際學生證的25%off ,不適用於網上訂票
    Heathrow Connect: £8.50單程, £16.5來回,每半小時一班,半小時到T1&3 再到T4,T5. 中間停站, Railcard 25% off (off peak hor: after 9:30am, Mon-Fri) 不適用於網上訂票
    Tube: Heathrow 是piccadilly line 的頭/尾站,到/由Cockfosters. 中間會經過倫敦市中心的Soho, 唐人街,海德公園等等。可購買Travel Card Zone 1-6, 約£8.0 (off peak),全日便可以任坐巴士,tube。 都可以買Oyster card 增值卡
    National Express (Couch): London Victoria coach station 上車,全程40分鐘,5磅單程
    至於用哪一種的交通方式就取決於時間,金錢和行李。Express當然是最貴但最快,要不就坐Connect。但目的地(e.g 酒店)離Paddington 遠的,就要坐tube,不過於上下班時間有與香港金鍾站的繁忙一樣,加上tube大多沒有完善的電梯/升降機,多行李者請考慮。Coach 在Victoria 上車,,從tube station行5分鐘。

    Gatwick: 分為South/North Terminal
    Gatwick Express: £17.90單程, £30.80來回, Online 10%off, 每15分鐘一班,半小時到London Victoria.
    Train: 到London Victoria or London Bridge, 班次很密,車程半小時。到Victoria 是Southern Railway公司而London Bridge是First Capital Connect, 可在National Express網站查詢,與普通火車一樣,railcard有折扣。都可買Gatwick Express,但10% off只可在上述官網訂購。
    National Express (Couch): London Victoria coach station 上車,全程1小時20分鐘,7.5磅單程
    Easybus: 較national express便宜的coach,只可和一定要先在網上訂票,2磅起,價格因需求上升,所以愈早訂愈平,每交易收取£0.50手續費。在Earl's court 上/下車。有次火車遲了,可以上下一班的車,當然是有位子的情況下。

    Train: 到London St Pancras Intl/ king's cross. 車程約半小時,£12.50單程
    Green line bus
    Nation Express (couch): London Victoria coach station 上車,全程約1小時20分鐘,15磅單程.
    Easybus: 2磅起,價格因需求上升,愈早訂愈平,每交易收取£0.50手續費。在Marble Arch/ Baker St/ Finchley Rd/ Brent Cross 上/下車。

    Stansted: 平價機票的天堂
    Stansted Express: 15分鐘一班在liverpool street station 上車,45到機場。£20.00單程, £27.00來回.
    EasyBus: 2磅起,價格因需求上升,愈早訂愈平,每交易收取£0.50手續費。在Baker Street 上/下車。車程1小時10分鐘
    National Express (Couch): Victoria/Liverpool Street 上車,£8.5-10.5單程

    Note: 英國的機場很安全,要在機場留宿不會有問題,有24小時洗手間,部分餐廳24小時營業,都有很多人陪你=P. Easybus的價錢是最平,地點都在市中心。 所有公司的班次和車程都很準確。

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    Theatre Review: The Children's Hour

    Keira Knightley, 香港對這英國女星應該不會感到陌生,最迎參與倫敦的舞台劇(The Children's Hour),得到正面的評價。她09年已參與The Misanthrope的舞台劇。
    The Children's Hour (londonist)
    Review From BBC:
    Keira Knightley 'wins spurs' with West End stage return

    Keira Knightley's return to the West End has drawn respectable reviews, with one critic saying the British actress has now "won her theatrical spurs".

    Danny DeVito and Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha were among the audience as the 25-year-old took her bows at London's Comedy theatre.

    Knightley is appearing with US Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss in The Children's Hour, by Lillian Hellman.

    The 1934 play tells of teachers accused of having an illicit lesbian affair.

    Knightley received mixed reviews when she made her West End debut in 2009 in an updated version of Moliere's The Misanthrope.

    Writing about that production, Charles Spencer in the Telegraph said: "She got through it with her dignity intact, but often seemed strained and nervous".

    This time, however, he said the actress "displays confidence throughout before rising in the final act to dramatic heights that are shattering in their intensity".

    The critic also praised Moss for "a fascinatingly conflicted performance that is as subtle as it is strong".
    According to Michael Billington in the Guardian, Knightley and Moss "prove as potent a combination on stage as at the box office".

    "Ian Rickson's atmospheric, slow-burning and ultimately enthralling production proves far more compelling that I expected," his three-star review continued.

    Yet The Daily Mail's Quentin Letts expressed reservations, comparing Knightley to "one of those plucky amateur jockeys in the Grand National".

    "Miss Knightley tries," he writes. "By God, she tries. She turns in a performance of which many a journeyman thesp would be proud.

    "But is she a real leading lady? Is she a genuine stage star? Not quite."

    The Children's Hour, which also features Oscar-winning actress Ellen Burstyn and veteran comedienne Carol Kane, has been filmed twice.

    The second version, released as The Loudest Whisper in the UK, starred Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine and James Garner.

    It was last staged in London at the National Theatre, with Dame Harriet Walter and Clare Higgins as the teachers, and Emily Watson as the pupil who accuses them.

    In the latest production, that part is played by Rada-trained Bryony Hannah, singled out for praise by the critics.

    "Hannah is memorably sly and horrible as the young troublemaker," writes Spencer, while Letts calls her "a fantastic find".

    The Children's Hour continues at the Comedy until 30 April. Knightley can also be seen this week in the film Never Let Me Go, based on Kazuo Ishiguro's novel.

    More Review:
    Telegraph (4 out of 5)
    Guardian (3 out of 5)
    Independent (3 out of 5)

    The Children's Hour是有學生優惠的,最多7日前到該Theatre購買,學生票不設網上預售。TKTS Ticket Booth 不售賣這舞台劇。


    剛剛訂了到Birmingham 的火車, 可以分享一下英國的火車(Rail)/巴士(Coach)的資料

    火車票 (
    英國有不同的火車公司,例如 Virgin, First Great Western, London Midland, Arriva 等等,當然可以在公司的官方網站訂票,不過大部分人都從National Express Nationa Rail 訂票,價錢一樣,但比較方便和清晰。個人喜歡National express的版面,但登入National Rail可以翻查Confirmation Code, 每次成功訂票後(信用卡即時付款),會出現confirmaion code,都會電郵確認信,到火車站的自動購票機插入信用卡(不扣錢),再通過電子屏幕輸入confirmaion code拿取車票。有一次沒有記低confirmation code,電郵應該打錯了所以收不到確認信,嚇到半死啊,後來到constomer services ,只要講出所訂的火車時間,地點就發票給我。都有一次朋友發現車站唯一的售票機壞了(可憐的小鎮車站,城市的出站一定多於一個的),當時他坐第一班車,constomer servies 還未開,拿不到票的他直接上火車,幸好他有印出電郵的確認信,展示給查票員就可以了。如果他沒有確認信的話,應該要重新買票了。
    RailCard 只給16-25或全日制的青年申請,國際學生都可以,到服務處填表,付上相片即可。都可以上網申請。25磅一年,65磅3年。憑證車票便宜三分之一(包括頭等票)。另一方面,三人以上享有Group Ticket優惠,價錢與持有RailCard的差不多,所以多人的話可以不用申請RailCard ,是不可雙重優惠的。
    英國車票'基本上'是早買又便宜,不過都要因應需求量,這些減價票(Advance Ticket)只可於特定的時間乘坐,價錢通常都估定的。有時分開2張Single ticket比return ticket便宜,有時Single ticket加上Coach ticket較便宜,有時,,,沒有特定的方程式,要找便宜交通得要付出吧。不過Standard 的票是估定的。在火車上與查票員和購票機買是沒有任何Advance Ticket的(只有RailCard/Group Ticket discount等)。所以先上網訂票比到時候買票更便宜。

    至於巴士,稱為Coach, 主要有National express, MegaBus . 貫穿全英國,大部分路線比火車慢,巴士是旅遊巴的大小,有洗手間,沒有像飛機/火車的摺枱。價錢普遍比火車平,MegaBus通常比National Express平,低至1磅一程加上每交易需要付0.5磅手續費,National express有fun fare 的優惠,低至3.5磅一程。電子票,列印確認書給司機就是了,都可放有電話上展示給司機。

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    First Post

    我在英國讀書,英國是香港留學生的熱門地,相信不少人都知道英國分為英格蘭(England), 蘇格蘭(Scotland), 威爾斯(Wales)和北愛爾蘭(N. Ireland). 不論旅遊,升學,大部分人都到英格蘭(倫敦,曼城)和蘇格蘭(愛丁堡)等地。對英國多點認識的可能知道威爾斯的首府是Cardiff,但我在威爾斯的最西邊,名為Aberystwyth的小鎮上讀書,再初連怎樣讀都不懂呢!

    從Google maps看(A點),可見這地方極小,附近都沒什麼城市。這是威爾斯的鄉村小鎮特色吧,即使首府Cardiff(B點)都是近年新開展的城市。亦可能這因素,令威爾斯人(Welsh) 的隨和,友善性格得到肯定。不得不提的是威爾斯文,我校校名Aberystwyth就是威爾斯文,與英文完全沒關係,不用擔心的是,威爾斯文是瀕臨消失的語言,年輕一代都不懂,溝通不會是問題。

    威爾斯是留學冷門的地方,就算去的都是到Cardiff University, Aberystwyth的亞洲學生很小,不會出現如倫敦曼城等城市'見唐人多過見鬼佬'的情況,算是在這裡讀書的好處吧。加上這小鎮是'大學城',除了大學及其舉辦活動、舒適的海邊(Irish sea)和充裕的運動設施就什麼都沒有的地方。這就是我喜歡這裡的原因,可以享受真正的大學生活,讀書氣氛。不像其他在城市的大學,因為校外的生活比校內更豐富,學生之間的交流不多,上課後就各散東西。唯一討厭的是地理問題,因為我喜歡看現場音樂表演(Gigs),另外有時想到城市購物(女生嘛),可惜從Aberystywth到再近的城市Birmingham需要三小時。除了這兩個活動做不到之外,雖然身處小鎮,但比我們想像中多的活動是不斷進行,不會感到悶或無聊的!

    威爾斯是一個很簡單而充實的地方,同時保留自己的文化生活特色。如果想知多點或交流有關威爾斯和英國的資訊可以聯絡我(右面的Contact me),最後當然繼續支持我的Blog啦!